Stop Smoking Therapy

What My Clients Say (Genuine reviews):

Mike Lane Hypnotherapy testimonials One session and I was cured of all cravings for cigarettes - how amazing. I really wanted to quit, but needed a bit of help and this did the trick. Thank you so much!
SVT,  Shepton Beachamp,  Smoking.

Mike Lane Hypnotherapy testimonials Just wanted to email you to say thank you for your help! I have kicked the habit and haven’t had a cigarette for 7 days now. Don’t even fancy one! Even opened a bottle of wine to see if I ended up desperate for a smoke! And.... not an urge or niggle! I can not believe it, I’m so pleased to be free of it and wanted to let you know how I have been doing. Also in turn, I have passed on your information to friends who are also wanting to kick the habit:
Anonymous,  Chard,  Smoking.

Mike Lane Hypnotherapy testimonials Mike’s hypnotherapy to stop smoking is incredibly effective, providing the motivation and genuine incentive needed to kick the habit. Not only that, it is the most profoundly relaxing experience ever and works on many levels, providing an insight into what really matters and tackling the problems that lead to each cigarette feeling ‘needed’. Mike is a genuinely lovely person who has a real gift. A hypnotherapy session with him is worth every penny.
Anonymous,  Ilminster,  Smoking.

Mike Lane Hypnotherapy testimonials After just an introductory session, I'm feeling hugely more relaxed and peaceful, with less 'mind chatter' (which is a real relief!). Mike has a calm, reassuring presence, and provides a generous amount of follow-up activities and guidance so that you can re-establish that relaxed state of mind at home too, which is really important for you to achieve your goals - in my case, being less stressed out all the time! I'm already looking forward to the next opportunity to practice; I'd never felt so relaxed before in my life. Try it - I can't recommend Mike highly enough.
NW,  Exeter,  Smoking & Stress.

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